Our Process

Have you ever tried using one of those big, national “installation” companies for a remodeling project in your home? How did you like the personal service you received? How many times did you hear, “well, we really can’t do it that way…?”

At GDB, we promise you a far better home renovation experience. In fact, we’ve gone to great lengths to develop a project planning process that we believe is second to none. We also believe that each of our clients is unique. We’ll never offer you a menu of “one size fits all” construction solutions. Instead, we’ll consider your needs, your desires, your lifestyle and your budget before the design process even begins.

We walk you through our signature 3-phase process so that you can understand the full scope of your project and show you how we will support you each step of the way.

We will work closely with you to develop a design that reflects your vision, needs, desires and budget. When the design process is complete you know exactly what you will get, how it will look and determine your total investment. You will also know the specifications and selections or allowances that pertain to your project and construction timeframes. At this stage, your project is ready to build contingent upon your approval. We care about our clients and are honored to build your project. We keep you updated and as comfortable as possible during the entire process, especially during construction. For most projects the design process we use is outlined below.

Initial meeting – “Optimal Home” Consultation

We will come to your home to do a preliminary needs assessment, which includes discussing your project, design concerns, and budgeting. At the end of our meeting, you can decide how you’d like to move forward. If it is in our mutual interest to continue working together, we usually begin when you retain us for Phase I – The Preliminary Feasibility Study.


The general purpose of our feasibility study is to determine roughly how a proposed project could look, what general features may be included & rough ballparks.

The Phase I – Feasibility Study typically includes these services:

  • Photograph & document existing conditions, floor plans and elevations
  • Preliminary zoning and code analysis
  • Schematic design sketches, floor plans and elevations
  • Revise one floor plan and develop elevations
  • Preliminary budget analysis and budget development
  • Retain us for Phase II Design Development Agreement


Phase II Design Development Agreement

The purpose of our design development agreement is to refine the design & specifications, provide guidance in product & material selections, develop a final design scheme with detailed specifications; and provide a revised fixed cost estimate and a comprehensive construction agreement.

The Design Development Agreement typically includes the following services:

  • Revise schematic design sketches
  • Develop floor plans & elevations
  • Assist in selection of finishes and materials; develop allowances
  • Site walk-thru with experts/subcontractors input — further budget development
  • Final design scheme, detailed specifications, and revised fixed estimate
  • Prepare construction agreement with allowances

Phase III – Ratify construction agreement, which includes:

  • Developing plans further for permit application
  • Working with engineer(s) as may be required for structural issues
  • Assisting owner with coordinating survey if required
  • Submitting plans for permits
  • Assisting owner with selecting allowance items
  • Finalizing material lists
  • Obtaining permit(s)
  • Planning schedules with trade partners (licensed subs and suppliers)
  • Preparing construction schedule
  • Ordering materials, fixtures and special order items