Better Living Design – for Luxury & Resale

For an aging adult

“My home was designed for the needs of someone else. I need to update my home so it better meets my needs.”

  • Keep in mind the growing market of resale to those 60+ who want to remain in houses as they get older
  • Adult children or family members of senior adults

Who you are
Your home is your sanctuary. You’ve lived in it comfortably for several years and want to continue living in it in your later years. At the same time, you realize that some aspects of your home will have to change in order for you to smoothly make this transition.

What your issues tend to be
Need easily accessible storage; pull out shelves in kitchens and baths? Have cramped, dark spaces? Need larger gathering area and better flow when entertaining? Sick and tired of that old or annoying [you fill in the blank]? Want to consider making your home more inviting or visitable for anyone less abled ?

What you need most right now

  • An full assessment done of your home to identify the areas that need to be updated to meet your needs and consider resale value for the increasing aging population

Your next step: Schedule an in-home “Optimal Home” consultation